1Dry Cleaning
Excelsior dry cleans clothing according to manufactures directions and with help of more than 35 years of the owners experience. All clothes are sorted by color, and then cleaned in pure fresh solution to ensure that the whites stay white and the color garments stay bright without color loss or dye bleeding.
2Shirt Laundering
Excelsior washes its shirts in computer controlled equipment. This is to ensure proper chemical injections and water temperature. Maintaining a white shirt and bright colors in striped and patterned shirts.
3Wedding Gowns
Excelsior pre-inspects and tests all gowns before cleaning. This ensures proper cleaning without damage to the beads sequins after cleaning all gowns are hand finished and preserved in acid and free chests, which are then sealed air and light tight to preserve the dress for future generations. This process is all done on premises to guarantee the gown returned is in fact your special gown.
Excelsior can clean all household items just as curtains, drapes, blankets, sheets, comforters, and duvet covers. All items are cleaned on premises to guarantee a very quick turnaround.
5Suede & Leather
Excelsior cleans Suedes and leathers based on manufacture recommendations, to protect the finish, beauty, and life of the skins.
Excelsior provides many services to tailor shops, valets, laundry’s, and other dry- cleaning establishments. Please contact the owner at 914-760-7758 to make the desired arrangements to fit your business needs.
7Pickup & Delivery
Excelsior’s delivery service is available to you whenever you need it at no extra charge. Pickup and delivery service can be arranged for once or twice a week per week to accommodate your s schedule. We deliver from Pelham to Greenwich Connecticut behind the efforts of courteous and friendly drivers.
8Wash & Fold
Excelsior can provide same day or next day service on wash and fold which is done on premises. We handle any special washing instructions you might have. No order is too small or too big for us.
Excelsior performs all types of tailoring ranging from replacing a button on to extensive fittings on fancy gowns. Express service is available for any emergency.
10Area Rug & carpet Cleaning
Excelsior specializes in all types of rugs. We can remove stains and odors caused by pets or we can gently handle Oriental rugs or silk rugs. Pickup and delivery as well as home instillation is available.
11For Storage
Excelsior provides cleaning, glazing, and storage for all fur garments. All furs are stored in temperature and humidity controlled vaults to protect the beauty and value of your beautiful coat.
12Green Cleaning
Excelsior is one of the only cleaners in Westchester to use system K4 by Kreussler. This is an environmentally friendly cleaning process we have been using for the past seventeen years. We also offer wet cleaning if you prefer a completely chemical free cleaning process. Excelsior recycles all of its hangers and packaging materials that are returned to us. Please contact the owner with any concerns or questions you might have.